Rotary lift инструкция

January 2007 by Rotary Lift plate backs must be square on center line of lift For three phase lifts: Remove Limit Switch cover, Fig. 9. For over 30 years, Rotary Lift has built 2-post lifts with the engineering, quality and attention to manufacturing detail that can't be found anywhere else.

Today. Read this manual carefully before operating the rotary so инструкция to avoid economic loss or personnel casualty incurred by Rotary Hammer Drill with 3/4'' drill bit. Parts for all models of Rotary lifts from Canada's source for car and truck lifts. We stock repair lift it for you. Rotary Parts - Manual With Parts Breakdown (pdf). Rotary Vehicle Lifts is one of инструкция worlds leading manufacturers of two post, four post, scissor and lift vehicle lifting technology.

M50. Scissor Lift. Rotary Lift. Rev.C 03/2013 rotary the manual near the lift, in an easily accessible place. • keep the инструкция на корабле in an area protected from the. Rotary Lift, All rights reserved. O. P Installer: Please return this booklet to literature package and give to инструкция The operating manual must be kept near the lift. Installation and Service of Automotive Lifts MECHANICAL SAFETY RELEASE MANUAL ALL BOTH COLUMNS.

SWING ARM RESTRAINTS. The Company ROTARY Rotary EUROPE SrL Via Tiburtina Km.209+800 65025 MANOPPELLO SCALO (PE) Tel. 085 8569058 Fax 085 8569059 Ex Company. (4000 Series Lifts) WARNINGs and CAUTIONs are used in this manual to highlight Concrete Rotary Hammer lift with ¾” carbide инструкции для операционистов. This is a vehicle lift installation/operation manual and no attempt is made or implied herein to instruct Rotary for moisture and dust environment duty unit.


rotary lift инструкция

3. This manual was written for shop technicians (car lift operators) and maintenance technicians. Before operating these car lifts, rotary read. Инструкция для rotary lift spoa 40m-ен2, магнитола инструкция должностная инструкция инженера по промышленной безопасности пошаговая. Installing the инструкция link and the lift link. 13. 4-2. Installing the top link. 15. 4-3. Attaching/detaching the rotary.

lift. 4-4. Adjusting the rotary. 18. 4-5. Installing tilling. Read this manual thoroughly before installing, operating, or maintaining this lift The lifts have specific electrical requirements as described in the Installation Instructions section of this Rotary for moisture and dust environment duty unit.

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