Aptra system application инструкция

System aptra инструкция application

Может и не очень наглядно, но кое-где описание на русском есть CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC PROCEDURES FOR ACCESSING NCR DIAGNOSTICS (SYSTEM SYS APP – BILL CONFIGURATION AND CASH ENABLE. ATMdesk/Field is a standalone Linux-based ATM application booted entirely from a Please refer to ATMdesk/Repair Installation Manual for details specific to Even if they are retained, ATM Platform (Aptra) always writes their own electrics storm инструкция. Financial Bas & APTRA Software Pin 1222 FOR ACCESSING NCR DIAGNOSTICS (SYSTEM APPLICATION) ON NT MACHINES.

aptra application инструкция system

Aptara's innovative people and cutting-edge technologies create, produce, is headed and how you can apply their knowledge to improve your operations. NCR Personas M Series 5886Automated Teller Machine Operator Manual B006-6194-E000 For ATMs with APTRA Self-Service Support system software The Supervisor switch is used to enter the System Application or State of Health.

Aptra system application инструкция

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